Thursday, August 3, 2017

Netball Zones 2017

Hi Bloggers! On Wednesday the 2nd of August 2017, the YMS Netball and Rugby teams headed to Rolleston for Zones. Our Team's name is the "Yaldhurst Tactics". We had 5 games but ended up only playing 4 because of the rain. We versed Rolleston 1, Burnham, Rolleston 2 and West Melton. We lost all of our games and tied one. We had heaps of fun and improved a lot.


  1. Hi Bella,
    My name is Mikaela and I'm a year 6 student at St. Bernadette's School. I like how you included lots of information about how you went to Rolleston for zones e.g. your team name is the Yaldhurst Tactics. Maybe next time you could add a photo of you and your team at zones. Is this your first time going to zones ?

  2. Hi Mikaela! Thanks for your comment! No this isn't my first time going to zones. Have you gone before?


  3. how many players were there and was my sister grace there